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What are the Benefits of Combining your HR and Payroll Software?

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What are the Benefits of Combining your HR and Payroll Software?

The team over at citrus HR talk through the benefits of combining two key business software’s together and how it can save you both time and money.

Although not always thought of as being a symbiotic partnership, Human resource (HR) management and payroll can be critically connected systems capable of running side by side for most businesses. Many businesses benefit from solutions that combine the best HR functionality and processes with expert payroll management software, to create an almost vertically integrated system that saves time and minimises human error.

Integrating HR and payroll means that multiple teams can access all the same data needed to run a pay period compliantly, with accuracy, and in time for pay day, regardless of frequency. Not only that, running a combined HR/payroll within your business is fast and easy, without the need for exports and imports of data, or the need to cross reference multiple databases manually.

Below we have put together some of the key benefits of having an integrated system.

Minimises Compliance Risks

When a HR system is integrated and used to run payroll, it means that any changes made to an employees’ information, including holiday allowance, salary deductions, timesheet records, pay changes and tax codes, can easily be pulled through and used to calculate pay accurately. Combining this data into one place means that you will know how payroll will be affected and can easily spot a potential mistake or amendment before the payroll is run. This also allows you to ensure the data sent to HMRC is correct and compliant at the same time, saving you time and reducing the possibility of penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Reduces Manual Data Entry

Payroll and HR use a lot of the same data to manage and pay employees. From personal information, such as full name and NI number, to payment information including salary, pension contribution any deductions. Typically, information changed on one system is not always changed on another, especially when they are run separately. This can lead to errors and incorrect calculations.

However, if both are run through the same set of central data, any information that is changed or updated in the HR system will also be changed in payroll automatically. This can help reduce manual input/editing errors, as well as saving a lot of time when there are multiple amendments to be made at once (such as tax codes or pension contributions).

Comprehensive Reports

The amount of different data pools we handle within our businesses is constantly increasing, and it can be difficult to gather all the relevant data needed from different systems to create reports and in turn find actionable insights.

Having all the information you need available in one place will enable you to build reports and generate data samples much easier and quicker. This then has the knock-on effect of being able to then help you showcase your data to employees / management in dashboards that can have their parameters updated in real-time.

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