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Cloud Accounting Benefits - Part 6: Sharing Data

Craig Buckingham

Secure Sharing of Data Across Your Business

If you work in a business that has multiple locations or even teams on different floors of the same building, you know the value of being able to securely share your financial data quickly with other staff. Having authorised users being the only ones having access to your data you are far less likely to have members of staff or competitors/clients stumbling across the data and seeing things they should not.

While this can sound very cloak and dagger, the security of your financial information is paramount to your business. You wouldn’t want your friends having access to your bank account, so why would you want anyone but those who need to know seeing your business accounts?

Part 7 The last section: Connected Online Payments.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about the cloud based accounting services we offer, get in touch with us.

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