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Cloud Accounting Benefits - Part 7: Online Payments

Craig Buckingham

Connected Online Payments

Having a cloud-based service that allows you to have all your products talking to each other is a very beneficial thing for any business and having your online payments under that umbrella is no exception (you see a theme here). With more and more businesses of every size, from sole traders running an Etsy store to multinational retailers offering online shopping, having an connected online payments solution that feeds directly into your cloud based accounts can prove invaluable. 

If you have a customer who buys from you every month but each time their shopping basket comes to a different amount, having to constantly produce an invoice, send it out, then action that invoice can be very time consuming. However, if you have an integrated payment solution attached to your cloud-based accounting package your clients can then instantly pay the required funds to you and your accounts will be automatically updated in real time (see we told you there as theme).

If you missed any of the previous sections, you can find them all below.

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If you have read the benefits over the last week and think they could really help your business move forward, then get in touch with us today and let us see how much of a difference we can make to your accounts.

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