Company Secretarial

With ongoing changes to legislation and regulatory requirements, businesses must stay on top of these and employ an experienced company secretarial solution with a range of skills designed to complement either the board of directors or the business owner. We offer a comprehensive company secretarial service that will equip you with the knowledge and skillset to ensure you're meeting your obligations as a limited company.
Company Secretarial
How we can help
As the corporate emphasis on governance and compliance continues to evolve, it is essential all Company Secretarial solutions are multi-faceted and adaptable to change. Our team can assist you.
Company Secretarial administrative support
Company Secretarial
We can create and register a company-specific to your needs and ensure you have the correct share structure for your plans.
Registered office
Company Secretarial
All companies must have a registered office, but this doesn't necessarily have to be at your operational addresses, which could be your home. You can opt to use FC as your company's registered office.
Maintenance of statutory regulations
Company Secretarial
We'll maintain your company's registers electronically.

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Company Secretarial
Helping you achieve compliance and administrative requirements.
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