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In a time of disruption and change, our focus has been, and will always be, on supporting our people and clients.

We do the usual stuff you’d expect from your accountants, with the added focus very much on collaboration and agile working to deliver remarkable outcomes for you.

Why choose FC Accountants

Transforming accountancy one spreadsheet at a time

By combining the use of technology and innovation we are revolutionising our approach to deliver services that really help our clients transform and develop.

We are innovative and tech-focused

We work with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors from start-ups to multinationals all across the UK, helping them meet their most challenging issues.

We make accounting simple and effective

Navigating this fast-changing environment requires agility, collaboration and fresh thinking, which forms part of our DNA.

We’re far from what you’d expect

Through working with our clients and applying our knowledge and experience we can build and grow together.

Services // ..

Services // ..

Planning, expanding or just

As a firm of chartered accountants, we provide all the essential services that you’d expect from any good accountancy practice. What makes us different is we deliver all these services the FC way. With our clever use of technology, friendly and practical approach and uncomplicated fixed fees; our services are tailored to you and designed to be cost effective and packed full of value.

So, whether you’re in the early stages of planning a business, ready to expand or just looking for a refreshing alternative we’ve got the expertise, experience and tools to make your accountancy-life straightforward and help you thrive.


We’ll crunch the numbers and provide recommendations to help you operate your business in the most efficient and profitable way possible.


Cost-effective, accurate and hassle-free payroll the perfect solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Software Training

Our proactive approach to technology may mean you need help – don’t worry we’re here to walk you through the process

Tech Stack

Digital transformation is the FC way, we can help to streamline and automate your business process, saving you precious time and money

Testimonials // ..

We moved to FC in 2017, and since joining their ranks, the team has worked tirelessly to help ground the business through its formative years. During our first three years, significant start-up capital and cash flow management provided a constant conundrum for us to work through. By early 2020 we were within touching distance of some major financial milestones, and then COVID19 hit! With the support of the team, even without income for almost 12 months, we have managed to improve the firm’s Balance Sheet through the informed and disciplined deployment of newly injected, low-cost loan capital to the point where we are able to prosper moving forward as the country eases out of lockdown.

Richard Hand
Urban Jump Ltd

Our Tech Partners

Our company has gained the trust of of leading companies for formulating, implementing and transforming their accountancy. Here are some of the brands we proudly work with:

Supercharge your business

Simply effective accountancy services // ..

Digital records and real-time access to your accounts is a no-brainer to us. We’re always at the forefront of technology and never shy away. So with the roll-out of Making Tax Digital, is music to our ears. To help the process, we’ve created this handy guide to support the transition to help current and new clients crush it and be in control anytime and anywhere.

Numbers // ..

Trust in numbers

We believe in delivering remarkable outcomes for our clients by taking the time to understand where they have been, where they are now and where they want to be. Our team of highly qualified accountants, bookkeepers, tax specialists, and financial strategies, offer advanced accounting services and solutions that offer a consistent and reliable system of reporting your financial performance to help you grow your business and plan for the future.


Tax when you sell a business property
Tax when you sell a business property
June 11, 2021
 by Rod Love-Jones
There are various methods at your disposal to reduce or delay the amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when you sell a property that has been used for business purposes. For example, Business Asset
fuel rates
New advisory fuel rates published
June 11, 2021
Advisory fuel rates are intended to reflect actual average fuel costs and are updated quarterly....
VAT food
VAT update- zero rating of food
June 10, 2021
In the UK most basic food stuffs are zero rated for VAT purposes. However, the...
Who can use the VAT retail schemes?
Who can use the VAT retail schemes?
June 10, 2021
 by Suzanne Hollander
VAT retail schemes are a special set of schemes used by retail businesses to account for VAT. The schemes are used by businesses that sell a significant amount of low value and/or small quantity
Apportionment and duality
Apportionment and duality
June 10, 2021
 by Craig Buckingham
When deciding whether an expense is allowed or disallowed it is important to consider that the expenditure must be incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of your trade or employment. Under
Bed and breakfast – the same day rule
Bed and breakfast – the same day rule
June 10, 2021
Historically, the term bed and breakfasting (sale and repurchase) of shares referred to transactions where shares were sold and then bought back the next morning. This used to have Capital Gains Tax
Changing a company accounting date
Changing a company accounting date
June 10, 2021
There are special rules in place which limit the ability to change your company’s year end date. A company’s year end date is also known as its ‘accounting reference date’ and is historically set by
Private residence relief
Private residence relief
June 10, 2021
 by Suzanne Hollander
There is usually no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to be paid when you sell your main family residence (referred to by HMRC as private residence relief) that has been used as your only or main residence.
The Enterprise Investment Scheme
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
June 9, 2021
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to help smaller higher-risk trading companies to raise...
tax reliefs for pre-trading expenses
Pre-trading expenditure
June 8, 2021
 by Grace Boughton
There are special tax reliefs for pre-trading expenses that are incurred before a business starts...

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