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Business owners need the best advice from an experienced financial team. Small and medium businesses often cannot justify the expense of a full-time experience Finance Director although recognise the benefits the role brings. Our Virtual Finance Director service gives you the perfect alternative, a highly experienced outsourced team member, backed but a team of qualified experts all without the cost of employing a full-time person.

A Virtual Finance Director is a qualified accountant who will spend as much time and energy on your business as you need, offering flexibility without the worry of employing a full time or permanent resource and all with your business’s interests at heart.

They will help you understand your business in more detail and support you to make the right decisions. They’ll work on your behalf as a trusted member of your team. Whatever your business challenges, they will be there to support and advise you. As an outsourced but integral part of your business, the virtual finance director has a unique objective overview of your business, allowing them to work with you proactively to spot trends and new opportunities to grow your business faster and sustainably.

We work exclusively with the number 1 provider of Fractional CFO’s and Finance Directors in the UK. The FD & CFO Centre have a fantastic team of over 300 CFO’s & FD’s here in the UK and we work strategically with them to offer our client’s a complete end to end solution.

We also provide ad-hoc services on a project basis, including:

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