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No matter where in the world they reside, US citizens and Green Card holders must file annual tax returns with the IRS to report their worldwide income.  The IRS and FinCEN also imposes strict reporting requirements on US individuals who hold foreign assets or foreign bank and financial accounts, backed up by heavy fines for non-compliance.  Non-citizen non-residents also need to file US returns if they are engaged in a US trade or business, or if they receive US-source income or gains on which the correct tax liability was not withheld at source. 

The US tax code is highly complex for individuals who are resident abroad.  If you are a US citizen, a Green Card holder, or simply have US-source income, it is essential to seek specialist advice to ensure that your tax reporting is completed correctly and that your compliance obligations are met in full. Farnell Clarke’s dedicated team of US tax advisors can bring you clarity around your affairs.  They can help to prepare your statutory returns for the IRS, HMRC, and for State taxation authorities, so that you can focus on matters more important to you.

Our advisors have decades of collective experience in dealing with tax matters for US-connected individuals.  We can advise on the correct interfacing between the US and UK tax systems, as well as between the US tax system and other countries.  We will help you to claim the correct foreign tax credits in each jurisdiction and to mitigate your risks of double taxation.  We can advise on relevant Tax Treaty claims to your situation, which can be an invaluable source of tax relief and can help ease the burden of reporting and paying tax in two countries at once. 

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